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Security & reliability

Our Network

Our self-healing network architecture virtually eliminates a single point of failure.

In addition to our own backbone, we also purchase backup transit from multiple providers in multiple locations to ensure that your data will arrive via the shortest possible routes. Because of our backup transit and the many international peers, our network maintains the shortest routes for sending your data all over the world.

Our goal is simple - 100% uptime, all the time and on an occasion when an anomaly takes place we want to provide you the insurance and peace of mind that we are on top of the problem. We've taken great strides to provide reliable access to you. Our national backbone is ranked among the top in the nation.

Our Data Center

All of our servers in the US are Supermicro brand servers with Dual Quad Core Intel Xeon 5530 Processors, 12 Gigs Ram, quad hard drives in Raid 10, and gigabit internet uplinks.